This list was started in 2011, after having several conversations with friends who planned events in Toronto. A regularly occurring question was which venues in the city were more physically accessible. We all seemed to have our own mini-lists of venues, or had to go about building one when we booked events, gathering contact information and making site visits. The Google Doc below is a preliminary list to help to close that gap. Anyone can edit or add to it.

Accessibility is a term that encompasses a lot of things – from ramps, to childcare, to seating, to lighting, to ticket prices, and beyond! This list presently gives a very bare-bones set of details about the venues in it, with a focus on the physical accessibility of entrances, floor plans, and washrooms as a starting point.

When adding to this list:

  • prioritize venues that have physically accessible washrooms, as well as floor plans and entrances

  • only add venues that you know the access info about *for certain* (not ‘I think there's no steps at the front door…’)

  • provide as much specific info about the site as you can

Here’s the link to the Venue List Google Doc:

Share this link with friends and colleagues! With our collective knowledge, we can generate a tool that will be a time saver for everyone.


General Resources

Shoppers Drug Mart Home Healthcare rents out 6′ 8′ 10′ x 25-30″ temporary portable wheelchair ramps. $20 for a week, with an extra $15 for delivery. They work best with a 2-3 day notice. (This info was posted by Aemilius Ramirez on facebook – I haven’t tried the rental, yet. Would love to hear about people’s experiences with this, though.)

Accessible Toronto, a group that does detailed accessibility audits of venues in the city

Radical Access Mapping Project: a group in Vancouver that does site audits of venues – this link includes sample site audits

How to Be Fragrance Free – Peggy Munson

Fragrance Free Femme of Colour Genius
– Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha


Accessible Venues Lists for Other Cities

If you have made a list of accessible venues for your community, please get in touch – I’d love to include that info and link here.

San Francisco Bay Area Accessible Venues List

Vancouver’s Radical Access Mapping Project’s list of venues they have done site audits for (including links to the site audits themselves, so you can get specific venue info)

Austin (TX) Accessible Venues List